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”First you make your beliefs then your beliefs make you and when you go out into the world the world will support your beliefs”. “Learn, Empower, Grow, With you all the way” 

“Bringing out the best inyou” 

Empower Skills Services (E.S.S) cic is a registered
Community Interest Company Limited by Guarantee (No.12132852) with a mission to promote and provide holistic and practical educational support services that encourage the hard to reach schools, colleges, individuals and institutions to engage and take advantage of the opportunities and methodology available. 

With a focus on achievement and aspiration, together with responsibility, the programme will encourage young people and other learners to discover the best in themselves and to understand the benefits of planning ahead in order to accomplish what they want in life.
We are a flexible secondary/community programme which teaches learners the skills to face life’s challenges in a positive way and to achieve their full potential. 

If you, your school, college or organisation have been
thinking of making a difference we would like to meet
with you to discuss future objectives and how our services may be of help in obtaining your overall goals.

Our Instructors and Courses

Our team of instructors are highly experienced, and each has great communication skills and vast experience working with students at many different levels. We also encourage our staff to engage in development sessions to improve their teaching skills and keep up-to-date with the latest trends. We strive continually to remain accountable to our mission and are constantly working to improve our delivery model so our learners can incessantly benefit. 

We are proud of the impact we have and the tangible difference we make but know we need to constantly
evaluate how and why we are effective.

We focus our resources on people who are disengaged,
vulnerable or facing disadvantage and those with special educational needs. We invest in these areas because we firmly believe in our model and its ability to make a difference in the communities with which we work. 

Our courses are planned around reasonable, achievable goals for our students, which helps to increase the effective rate of learning. 

We deliver what traditional schools leave out, supporting
and guiding learners in living not just survive, working through the GROW model (Goal, Reality Options and Way Forward). 

E.S.S Packages are fully structured. Our programmes are aimed at 15+ years of age. The duration is 6 to 12 weeks to ensure programmes provide flexible end to end solutions that assist you to meet your objectives by giving the best possible service at an affordable fee. 

Our programmes and support services are designed to equip learners with entrepreneurship and employability skills and subsequently support them in gaining employment and succeeding in their chosen occupation. 

Our Facilities

We know it's easier to be a successful learner when you're equipped with what you need. This is why we have invested heavily in key equipment to give you the best experience while you train with us. After you register, a training schedule will be designed for you based on your current ability as well as your strengths and weaknesses. It does not matter what your learning speed is, our instructors are patient enough to help you along until you are confident with the course material. 

E.S.S creates programmes that meet learner’s particular
needs and circumstances. We aim to provide you the best holistic service possible, delivery on site, with Groups or 1:1 sessions where you find appropriate. 


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