Holistic and Practical Support (please click here for more information)

We use a methodology called the G.R. O.W model (Goal Reality Options Way forward) Working both in
groups and individually with people 15 + including adults to empower them to set SMART goals and
utilise step by step planning to achieve their objectives. 


Platinum, Gold, Silver are Bronze packages are set according to the clients’ needs and expectations. 


ESOL: Digital ESOL, ESOL for Business/Corporate English and ESOL for Integration and Community Cohesion 

EMPLOYABILITY: Employability and Money Management  


LIFE SKILLS: Holistic well-being life skills  

Photography: bespoke workshops and short courses

Beginners Photography: Camera and adequate control of main setting main settings

Portrait Photography: Learn the best photography techniques from the pros!

Photobook course: This 6-week Photobook Project will teach you how to create a photobook and will show you the technique and method of creating a Photobook ussing your family photo album, some digital images on a CD or
memory stick, or use images from your phone.  

MENTORING: Our mentoring support focus on a variery of areas and we operate a referral and signposting system accordingly.

The G.R.O.W model methodology and intervention including ongoing-support are embedded in all our services.

Further information on any of our programmes and packages is available upon request.

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